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Hanakotoba Flower

Let us do your trip according to your need!

We will provide thorough support from arranging accommodation facilities and hot spring inns to arranging chartered buses, trains, and planes.
In addition, we will propose newly evolved group trips such as event-type trips and hands-on trips, not just for travel / comfort and comfort purposes, so there is no doubt that everyone will be pleased.


Tatami Dining Experience

By introducing inns that are popular with groups, such as family trips, friend trips, company trips, and banquet trips,we will solve your worries.


Hands on Deck

Please feel free to contact us even for a rough estimate only.
You can arrange it freely, and we will propose a plan that makes the most of your wishes, requests, and selfishness.


Men with Calculator

"I want to choose the best trip within my budget!" 
In order to respond to such voices, we will respond to all kinds of requests from group trips and trips from small groups to dozens of people.


Man at his Desk

If you don't know what to do, please give us a call us.
If you want a plan that will please everyone , you will definitely want us to help you.

Group travel

Girl in Traditional Japanese Kimono
Company trip
Happy Hot Springs
Group trip

We offer hundreds of employee travel courses. We will support you from planning to the end of your trip so that your employee trip will be successful.

We will create and arrange plans according to where you want to go and what you want to do for various groups such as neighborhood associations and senior citizens' associations.

Water Supply Contractor
Inspection / training trip
Happy Family
Family / relative travel

Our sales staff is responsible for important internal events such as meetings and training from the planning stage. Please feel free to contact us.

We propose courses that satisfy all generations, from children to the elderly, such as "fellowships and celebration trips" where families and relatives gather.

Things to do in Japan

Communal Bath
Onsen Trip
Shrines / Temples / Tourist Spot
Noodle Dish
Food Trip
Golf Kart
Golf Plan
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